Making Money With a WordPress Blog

Making Money With a WordPress Blog

It may sound counter-intuitive at first, but it is possible to make money with a WordPress blog. This article will talk about some ways that you can make money with a WordPress blog.

Most people who are new to blogging are attracted to affiliate programs. These affiliate programs allow you to make money from ads or banners posted on your blog. Read the 9 part training series by visiting where you will get great info about “how to make money with a WordPress blog”

You can sell these ads or banners for profit and make money with a WordPress blog. Some of the best affiliate programs to join include ClickBank, LinkShare, GoDaddy and PayDotCom. Many of these programs allow you to list your ads on multiple sites so that you earn money from multiple sources.

You may also want to consider using AdSense as an option to make money with your WordPress blog. You do not have to sign up for a full time WordPress hosting account, you do not have to worry about any ads being placed on your site or any extra work, and most importantly you can make money from as many websites as you like.

When a visitor clicks on an ad or banner on your site, the website owner displays a link back to their website. Your visitors then click on this link and are taken to their website. It makes it easy for your visitors to find your website.

One way that you can make money with a WordPress blog is by offering a discount or free service to your visitors. Many sites provide a free tutorial that shows how to do a variety of things such as building a forum or putting together an e-course. make money with a WordPress blog is by promoting other websites. This can be done through linking them to your own blog by using a backlink or by advertising their website in your blog’s sidebar. You can also do this through creating a Google map or a Twitter map which shows the location of the people who are visiting your blog.

You can also create Google Maps that shows the location of all the blogs that are linked to you. Twitter maps can be created by using an RSS feed and will help you locate your friends quickly.

You can also create an affiliate network to help you make money with a WordPress blog. These networks often contain blogs that are related to yours and they allow you to earn commissions from each individual blog that you refer to them.

Some affiliate networks include Commission Junction, Clickbank, LinkShare and GoDaddy. You should research the affiliate networks that are available to you before you start to work with them.


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