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18 Thoughtful Crown Molding Ideas for Any Room

18 Thoughtful Crown Molding Ideas for Any Room

A chair rail is a horizontal wall molding design that runs three feet above the floor. As a general rule, chair rail moldings should be installed at 25% of the room’s height. This is the spot where your dining chairs may come in touch with the wall. The original purpose of chair rails was to protect walls from damage caused by chairs. However, the design has now gained popularity as a popular ornamental element of a space. You may utilize these wall trimmings to create a visually appealing bifurcation of your space.

Both types of moldings have their unique peculiarities, but generally, if your crown molding perfectly matches the style of your house, it can improve the overall aesthetic. If you have simply designed rooms, you can opt for a bold, dramatic look by adding more detailed crown moldings. Each molding is manufactured to accept LED and fluorescent lights, allowing light to flow evenly throughout a room while also enhancing the existing architecture. Orac Decor’s crown molding for indirect lighting also features large profiles without the hassle of a buildup, saving you much-needed time and money. These moldings are made of strong polyurethane which, unlike traditional wood moldings, makes them very lightweight and durable.

For instance, large rooms may be divided into areas by simply adding decorative moldings like wainscoting and chair rails. With corner guards, protecting the exterior edges of a wall is more effortless. On the other hand, backsplash moldings help preserve the wall above a counter or cooktop from possible splashes.

Have you ever seen long strips of wood running along the walls of stylish homes? The best thing is to choose from various forms, styles, and sizes. In a standard-sized home, they typically measure three to five inches. Crown moldings can be found at the junction of walls and ceilings.

Subway tiles are a subtle design element that became popular because they were inexpensive and easily incorporated into almost any style of kitchen. What started as a unique touch is now gracing the walls of countless kitchens throughout America. If you want your kitchen backsplash to look different than everyone else’s, stay away from this outdated trend. When selecting crown molding for a room, it’s easy to pick one style of cornice or a particular shape of trim. That being said, sometimes it’s exciting to select a fresh shape or mix different styles, like the trim on this ceiling.

Always test your paint on a small section to make sure there are no compatibility issues with the paint and primer. Refresh your home with stylish products handpicked by HGTV editors. The cost per linear foot of the molding is an average of $3.50 and ranges between $1 and $20, while the installation cost per linear foot is between $4 and $15. A little dubious about ordering online from an American company (I’m in New Zealand) but wow, I had no need to be concerned. My order arrived very well packaged and the goods actually looked better than they did on the website. Definitely order from this company if you want high-quality goods and exceptional service.

Fireplaces are often the main elements inside a home decorated with crown molding. This is because it highlights the hearth with maximum elegance, following a traditional style. The door trim is an excellent choice to add oomph to this style, along with lots of light beams on the ceiling and large windows to brighten it up. If you’re ready to incorporate this classic trend into your home décor this summer, check out our huge variety of crown molding styles on our products page.


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