What Is Executive Protection

What Is Executive Protection

Each of our executive protection teams is customized to meet the client’s individual requirements. Strong consideration is given to the operating environment, the very latest threat state and the security profile. The number of executive protection agents a client needs to accomplish the desired security solution varies, depending upon the number of individuals that require protection, number of sites to secure , nature of the threat itself, and so on.

Depending on the complexity of the situation, oftentimes a detail may additionally require vehicles, advance teams, surveillance and counter surveillance teams, and security drivers. All of these separately moving pieces report directly to the detail leader also known as the Agent-in-Charge, or AIC. Every team on this detail works in close support of each other to provide protection and seamless coverage for the client. At Hyperion, both male and female agents are seasoned executive protection agents capable of serving in a solo capacity as well as part of a small executive protection training. They are multi-disciplined within every role that would also be seen in a larger, higher profile, executive protection detail.

They are customized to the unique needs of the client to ensure their well-being and safety, regardless of the situation. While most people are familiar with the concept of bodyguards and executive protection, even seasoned security professionals might not know exactly how to implement an executive protection strategy if they haven’t worked in that specific field. Executive protection , also known as close protection, refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs.

When it comes to executive protection, AS Solution are specialists in that field. They pay special attention to travel risk management, residential security, unique event management, and close protection agents. Regardless of if you own a Fortune 500 company, are an up-and-coming celebrity or other high-profile person, our executive protection services are right for you.

One thing is certain – executive protection is definitely an industry to watch in the following years. Recently, TSU Protection Services was engaged in the protection and provision of security measurements for numerous clients during the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Unity Resources Group prides itself on offering reliable solutions in an unreliable world.

Previously, Chris was a founding executive of Viewpost, a FinTech payments company, serving as their CISO and General Counsel. Chris began his career as a corporate attorney for Lewis and Roca, where he established its CyberSecurity Practice representing companies who were hacked and fell victim to data breaches. We will wait and see how they will deal with the changes that 2021 is sure to bring.

Fast Guard Service is pleased to announce that we now accept Shiba INU on all services. Experienced private investigators will provide you with fast and reliable information. Rapid response services for natural disasters, labor disputes or special events. With one call to Seam Risk Solutions you gain access to our global network of resources, providing “”boots on the ground”” when and where you need them. But browsing, he warns, isn’t a substitute for a risk assessment and a proper response to the risks that are discovered during the assessment. “A lot of these industry leaders are a primary asset for the company, and harm to them could affect the bottom line, and brand reputation,” said Musser.

Security professionals provided for executive protection are mostly erstwhile NSG, defense and police personnel. Despite these innovations and forward-looking companies, many people viewed the security industry as nothing more than night watchmen, even up to and through the 1960s. Over the next three decades, the use of security officers became more prevalent. Ironically, one reason for this may have been the development of security technology such as electronic access control and surveillance systems. For example, these technologies led to the establishment of security operations centers , which created a new function for protection professionals. Persons providing protection in overseas areas are usually locals who come from a military, law enforcement, or security background and who have been vetted.


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