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Some Basic Furnace Repair And Maintenance Tips

Some Basic Furnace Repair And Maintenance Tips

Blower repairs, also known as furnace repair, are extremely common and are usually quite easy to do. The most common problems you will encounter with your furnace is that it starts or stops running but with the proper guide you can easily take care of the problem and get your furnace running at its best once again. When your blower malfunctions, furnace repair is the first step to take.

The process of repairing furnaces is very much the same when compared to other types of heating systems. First, the pilot light needs to be turned off so that there is no spark as the gas escapes through the flue. The flue needs to be cleaned before any repairs can be done. If the pilot light is still on, then you will need to turn the gas off immediately, and call a professional furnace repair service to fix the problem.

If your furnace begins to cool slowly or becomes very hot in the middle of the night, then you should check the heating element and its air filter. If the air filter is clogged, then you should remove the blockage and place it in a bowl for now. Now fill the bowl with clean water and leave to soak for about fifteen minutes. Now remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

It is highly recommended that you change the filter every three months and never put any abrasive materials in the filter. This might lead to short-circuit the operation of your furnace, causing a complete and permanent heating failure. If you find dirt particles inside the filter, clean it with a microfiber or cotton rag and replace it into the heating system.

If you find that the furnace does not generate enough heat to warm up your room, then there might be some issues with your blower. There are different types of blowers like those that push air through a tube and others that vibrate to produce the much needed heat inside the room. If your blower is defective, then the thermostat may indicate that the system is not properly functioning. The thermostat is usually located near the furnace, on the outside wall near the floor. In case you cannot access the furnace, you should first turn off your circuit breaker. Then check the power and see if you can locate the heating unit in the dark. These auctions, via sites such as hvac comapny denver are also available online.

You may also experience dirty combustion air filters. This happens because of a build-up of dirt particles inside the air ducts. Dirty air filters prevent good airflow thus making your furnace work harder than it should. This wastes energy and can eventually cause serious problems. If the airflow is not free from dirt, then it might indicate that your blower is dirty or the filter is clogged.


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