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Dealing With Anxiety – The Psychological Aspects

Dealing With Anxiety – The Psychological Aspects

Any individual who is suffering from anxiety must find out the underlying cause for his anxiety. This will enable you to be well equipped when dealing with anxiety. Examples of anxiety disorders are generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder (anxiety), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and specific phobias. You could also have more than one anxiety ailment. In some cases anxiety is caused by a physical ailment that requires medical treatment.

Specific phobias or fears are common among anxiety sufferers. These are social phobias where you avoid certain situations like going to large crowded places, talking with strangers, large and noisy crowds, etc. Generalized anxiety disorder is the most common ailment. It is characterized by a persistent and exaggerated fear of various situations. There are many ways to treat these conditions depending upon the severity of the disorder and how severe your anxiety levels are. Click here kratom for anxiety for more information.

In addition to these two types of anxiety, other types are due to other factors such as thyroid problems, thyroid-related disorders, postpartum depression, pregnancy, alcoholism and withdrawal from anti-anxiety medications. Some of these disorders require you to take special medications to treat them. So you should consult with your doctor on how to overcome anxiety without any side effects.

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is another cause for anxiety. This happens when an individual experiences a frightening or distressing event in his life. An anxiety attack may occur after the traumatic event. Such disorders can lead to depression and low self-esteem. There is also a high likelihood that PTSD may increase the likelihood of depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, substance abuse, and other related disorders.

Stressful feelings, coupled with physical symptoms like sweating and heart palpitations are common in individuals suffering from anxiety attacks. Some individuals may experience feelings of panic, terror, or despair. These feelings are caused by anxiety that is exaggerated or unrealistic. If you feel that you are constantly in danger of having an actual disaster, then you have to accept reality and accept that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Dwelling too much on the negative will only trigger depression and anxiety further.

When these symptoms interfere with your daily activities and make you unable to function normally, then you should consult your doctor immediately to find out the underlying cause for your anxiety. There are times when doctors prescribe medication to get better. But in most cases, these medications cannot cure the illness permanently unless the underlying mental health condition is addressed. So if you want to address your anxiety problem, first visit your family doctor and get professional advice on how to stop panic attacks.


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