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Fun Online Games With Zombies

Fun Online Games With Zombies

The latest craze amongst all the young and the aged is for the best online games. Is it the best online racing games, the best arcade games, or the best text based games the world has to offer, the internet is becoming full of games that are both entertaining and addictive. Gone are the days when you had to walk up to a console, purchase a game and sit down to enjoy it with your friends. All one needs to do now is have a computer with an internet connection and the world is at your fingertips.

The best online games are those that provide entertainment, fun and challenge to all those who wish to have some fun. A perfect example of such a game would be Zombie Rollerz. Zombie Rollerz is a flash based game that will not only provide hours of pure enjoyment but also keep you hooked on to the internet long after you have played through all its levels. It is this addictive quality that has made Zombie Rollerz one of the most popular games on most social networking mobile devices. You can get more information about

This fun little game comes in two modes; Story mode and competitive mode. In the story mode you find yourself controlling a group of survivors who find themselves stranded and camped near a set of zombie towers. You have to find out where the zombies are coming from and thus destroy them and any other enemy that gets in your way. There are various weapons used to kill the zombies as well as different levels to complete the game. Some of the zombies even drop eggs that you need to collect and save them for safe keeping.

In the competitive mode you find yourself in combat with other survivors. You can use weapons and armors to help you get through the fight and kill the zombies that get in your way. The game has a ranking system, where you move up from being new to the bronze, the silver and finally gold. You start with just a green armor and you need to find better weapons to kill more zombies. As you move up in levels your armor starts to get better and eventually you will be able to afford very nice and costly armor.

Zombie Rollerz is available for free to all users through Facebook and other social networking sites. This game is so popular that many people log into their Facebook account every day just to play the game. Many of these players will then go and join groups with other survivors and team up to defeat the enemies and find a way to return to the outside world. Since it’s a Facebook game it’s very easy to keep playing with new friends and the game features chat rooms and forums where you can discuss strategies and defeat the bosses. This is a very interactive game and many players report that it keeps them very busy throughout the day.

Zombie Rollerz is probably one of the best online games for those of you who love zombies. You will find it very addicting and you will want to play it every day. If you don’t like zombies then don’t worry because this game has an option to play as the zombies or as the Anti-Zombies. Either way you’ll love this game and it really is one of the best Zombie Games you can play. If you’re still not sure about this game than you should check out Zombie Massacre which is one of the top selling zombie games on Facebook.


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