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Why Is Link Authority An Important Part Of SEO?

Why Is Link Authority An Important Part Of SEO?

Linking is vital to your success on the Internet as a whole. It helps to get your site in front of as many potential customers as possible. But how do you judge your link authority? In this article, I’ll discuss what this is and why it’s so important.

Linking is an important SEO term to understand first. It s an overall SEO metric based on the total links coming to a site from all over the Web. Usually, it combines link quality and link count. Higher quality links coming from high PageRank authority sites are more favored by search engines and that means higher rankings for your page or web pages.

The main problem with link authority metrics is that they are all hard and fast rules that can change at any moment. That means no matter how hard you try to follow them, there is always another way to come up with a better number or a new way to calculate things. To illustrate, just think of the old SEO metric called the Number of incoming links. That metric changed with changing search engine algorithms. So what kind of numbers can you use now if you haven’t yet changed them?

Fortunately, there are ways around all of that. There is one easy way, however, to use a page authority metric like PR that is constant and reliable. Other SEO professionals don’t like to admit it, but they know that link building is the key to higher search engine rankings. They’ve spent years honing their link building skills and they know exactly how to make their websites and pages stand apart from the competition.

The link equity and PR components of the original search engine optimization formula are still very important parts of the formula today. However, they play a lesser role than they did a few years ago. People have become less interested in link equity and instead want more from their link building efforts. This is another reason why SEO pros are tucking away the original formula’s secret strategies and making it available to the general public. Theseauctions, via sites such as  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYTmCOm6_j4 are also available online.

Another secret is that authoritative websites generate traffic by providing information. People looking for the answer to a particular question will find websites with the answers they need through links coming from authoritative websites. Building links pointing back to your site is another part of this strategy and is another reason why link building is important for search engine optimization.


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