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Which School Is Better: Kentucky Or Penn State?

For many, the question of which college is better has long been a subject of great debate. There are those who say that Kentucky is a better school because of the atmosphere that it creates. Other people say that Harvard is a better choice simply because it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. And then there are those who say that they can not choose between the two because both have a great deal to offer students. But which school is better?

The Hopper poll ranks Kentucky third in the United States for overall student satisfaction. Harvard comes in first for the overall ranking in the United States, while Penn State is eighteenth. These results were calculated using various factors such as cost of tuition and the percentage of graduates that went on to earn full-time salaries and get employed. So while Kentucky may be a better option for those who want to have a smaller student body, it may not be the right one for those who want to have a well-rounded educational experience. In fact, if you go by the recent rankings, Kentucky may not be better than Harvard at all. Click here for more information about Oxford or Harvard.

But what about choosing a college based on the location of the campus? Some say that if a student can only go to one college in his/her lifetime, they should pick the one with the largest enrollment. While this may be true for some, it may not be the best idea for others. There are a variety of factors that should be considered when choosing the proper college to attend.

One: location. If you are able to walk directly from your dorm to the class you need to be able to get to class on time each day. And if you live in an area where Penn State University is located, you will have a much easier commute than someone who lives ten miles away. So while it may be true that Kentucky is the better education option, you should consider how you will get to and from college if that is important to you.

Two: student aid. Every student needs financial aid to go to college. Which means that when choosing which Kentucky or Penn State is better, you should take into consideration how many students will qualify for the federal assistance. This can determine how much you pay out-of-pocket. And there are also many state-funded scholarships available to students who are enrolled in the right schools. So carefully consider which financial aid options you are better off getting.

Three: career advancement. After earning a four year degree, you will have a wide range of different career options open to you. You can work as a teacher, lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc. You could also start a business of your own and build a fortune as you earn more money. So it’s up to you which Kentucky or Penn State is better for your career advancement.


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